I offer efficient interior design services for your projects that are tailored and customised to meet your specific needs: from conception all the way through to detailed design, execution, construction supervision, final finishes, and furniture selection. Your office, restaurant, residence or retail space will seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics.

Over the years, I have developed my ability to understand and achieve a seamless dialogue between interiors and architecture. I have also refined my attention to detail.  My past work experience has empowered me with knowledge of execution and site supervision (including construction details and methods), taught me to effectively liaise with different trades, and sharpened my eye for evolving trends in construction and design.


I play the role of owner representative on your behalf, liaising with different trades to ensure the design complies with your budget, guidelines and design expectations.
Design review also guarantees that your interiors go beyond the aesthetic and are optimally functional with effective space management and usability.

My design review services are built on years of experience working at large firms. They are founded on in-depth exposure to business development, the preparation of design briefs, the constraints of working with guidelines and budgets, and effective time management. My forte in design development, problem solving and lateral thinking further enrich these services.  

I handle the interior design for franchise locations focusing on implementing the brand image, atmosphere and concept by incorporating design guidelines, signature colours, and special features.
My experience working for a firm specialized in restaurants taught me to address the operational requirements of the franchise business. I learnt to convey a brand’s identity through special features and signature colours and how to reinforce it through furniture selection and finishes. I now bring my specialised know-how to your projects.

FURNITURE selection and Decoration
Bespoke furniture and carefully selected products are the optimal way to complement any creation or designed space. My services offer you customized interiors that create a distinctive experience through furniture carefully selected to fit your taste, needs and interiors.The exposure to high-end brands and designer furniture I gained during the start of my career helped me refine my design sense for furniture styles and my appreciation for quality products.
It also empowered me with in-depth knowledge of suppliers for all materials and finishes and opened the door to unique opportunities including workshops with companies like BOFFI and Living Divani and meeting international designers. Today, I use this solid experience to enhance your lifestyle and productivity.